TI DLP® TRP Chipsets

Clearer Image with More Details Displayed

Z4 Air user the TRP chipsets from TI (Texas Instruments) for a enhanced image display.

Chipsets incorporating TRP architecture can incorporate twice the number of pixels and deliver 30 percent greater optical efficiency and up to 50 percent power savings on a frame-by-frame basis than previous TI architectures of comparable resolution.

Z4 Air’s pixel orientation has changed to square from diamond so the text and diagrams display can be more Sharpe and clear which is important for business professionals who deals with lots of text and diagram’s.

Image Enhancement Technologies

When the projection screen size increased, problems and defects are more easily to be spotted. The traditional image processing technologies used for TV is incapable to handle all the new challenges when it comes to large screen. To make Z4 Air perfect, we employed 16 image enhancing technologies and 11 colour enhancing technologies so the projector can project smooth and sharp image with vivid colour even when the screen size goes over 100 inches.

Actually, it’s not just about new technologies, it is about our enthusiasm for a perfect image quality.

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

By integrating the OPT3001 Digital Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) from TI with the new IntelliBright technology, Z4’s Automatic Brightness Adjustment system is as sensitive as human eyes, it will automatically adjusts lumen output based on the level of ambient light in the room. It helps to reduces your carbon footprint and also saves you from eye strain as well.

Stunning 3D Experience

Enjoy the cinema experience at home *

Using the same active shutter 3D technology used by the DLP cinema movie projector , Z4 Air delivers a brighter and more realistic 3D experience.

Z4 Air also features a 2D to 3D conversion function so you can now enjoy the big game, your favourite TV shows, and movies in stunning 3D.

*SobieTech DLP-Link Active 3D Glasses required.

High Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Bight or Dark, Clearly Displayed

When display high contrast images, you usually suffer details lost with traditional projectors. Z4 Air capture the bright and dark sections of the image frame by frame and adjust the brightness automatically.

With the dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1 which is the highest in its class, Z4 Air will deliver a vivid image to you.