Strong Aluminium Body

How Z4 Air is made?

Z4 Air’s integrally-molded aluminium body is strong, light and slim. A total of 96 manufacturing procedures including CNC edge cutting, surface polishing, manual brushing, high pressure sandblasting and anodizing etc. make sure the projector’s body is strong with a smooth touch finish.

Never compromise, even it's just 0.1mm

It is not easy to make the 23.5mm super slim body of Z4 Air as it requires high skill and technology.

The traditional processing technology will add 1-2mm to the body thickness, which we do not like and we never compromise. We use the same processing technology as Apple used to make their Macbook. After CNC edge cutting, poising and several other manufacturing procedures, we finally managed to present the 23.5mm thick projector body to you.

Thinner and Lighter

Z4 Air’s 23.5mm thick body is 40% thinner than its processor – SobieTech SLPM which is widely praised by our customers. 23.5mm is almost the thickness of the internal LED lamp! The weight of Z4 Air is 0.65kg only. The reduced size of Z4 Air make it a truly portal projector to carry around.

The Perfect Touch

We want you to carry Z4 Air wherever you go.

We understand you do not want to carry a big, bulky and industrial looking projector like others.

After all the polishing, bruising, sandblasting and anodizing processing, Z4 Air will make you feel perfect when you have it in your hand.

A Natural Design

A good design should be natural. Z4 Air’s humanizing design combines the dust cover and the power switch into one simple thing – the slid switch. When you slid the lens cover, the projector will be turned on instantly. It happens naturally.

Multi-Function Metal Bluetooth Remote

A perfect user experiences can not be delivered without a perfect remote.

We use aluminium to make our newly designed remote to match Z4 Air’s style. It is Bluetooth based so you no longer need to worry about the distance and angle of using the remote. The remote has a built-in re-chargeable battery, one full charge will keep the remote working for up to 6 months.

The metal remote has built-in gyro sensor which allows you to use it as a game controller. It is also a wireless air mouse which is a handy function for navigating the menus and make a presentation.