Meet Z4 Air

first co-branded projector from SobieTech and Xgimi

Our latest battery powered LED projector designed with business travellers in mind housed in a premium metal body.

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The Aluminium Body

Impossibly slim and staggeringly sexy.

23.5 mm thick and weigh only 650g, Z4 Air is 40% thinner and 30% lighter than its predecessor – our beloved SLPM. It is slim and portal enough  to fit into your purse or briefcase during your next business trip.

Z4 Air’s aluminium body has undergone multiple stages of CNC machining, anodizing, polishing, brushing and sandblasting to bring you a slim projector with silky, soft-touch finish.

High Capacity Built-in Battery

Freedom to work wherever and whenever you need.

Z4 Air’s built-in 13600mAh battery is powerful enough to run the projector for 2.5 hours/up to 5 hours in energy-saving mode. It is the truly amazing wire-free solution.

What is more, with the built-in battery, Z4 Air can work as a power bank to charge your mobile devices including mobile handset or tablet.

Crystal Clear Image with No Comprise

Comprehensive image and colour enhancing technology to deliver crystal clear image.

Z4 Air is slim yet powerful. The OSRAM light source with 1000 lumen LED brightness can project up to 180 inches screen with ease. 16 image quality enhancing and 11 colour enhancing technologies has been used for crystal clear image and vivid colour reproduction.

The lasted TRP architecture and adaptive IntelliBright™ suite of algorithms from TI (Texas Instruments)  increased the projection brightness while consume less power. TI TRP architecture incorporates twice the number of pixels and deliver 30 percent greater optical efficiency and up to 50 percent power savings on a frame-by-frame basis than previous TI architectures of comparable resolution.

Android 4.4 KitKat Based OS

There are lots more you can do with Z4 Air.

Z4 Air’s OS is a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat system. Since it is Android based, thousands of compatible Android apps including YouTube, NetFleix, Kodi, Google Map, Aptoide Apps Store etc. can be installed on the projector.

Slid Switch

Unique and Easy

One of the most unique design of Z4 Air is the slide switch. It integrates the functions of dust cover and the power on/off switch.

With this new design, simply slid the lens cover to your left, the projector will be turned on instantly. To turn the projector off, just slid the lens cover to your right. It is so natural and could not be more easier.

Quiet and Steady

Our Efforts

In order to reduce the fan’s noise while efficiently radiating the heat, we’ve done two things.

Firstly, a graphene coating was applied on the inner shell of Z4 Air’s integrally-molded aluminium body. Graphene was chosen because of its high thermal conductivity which is 10-20 times better than other materials. The graphene coating helps to radiate the heat quickly and efficiently so there’s less heat for the fan to handle.

Secondly, a new designed ATCS (Adaptive Temperature Control System). ATCS adjusts the fans speed automatically according to the internal temperature, to keep the projector runs quietly and steady.

Restoring the Pure Sound

OPA1612 Super-High Resolution Amplifier

State of the art, studio quality audio components use OPA1612 professional operational amplifiers, so does our Z4 Air. The use of such high-end audio components is an unprecedented achievement, one Z4 Air owners will love to hear. If you need the figures, then the OPA1612’s common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is extremely stable at 120dB under 80KHz, which is much higher than 20KHz, and far higher than the maximum frequency of 20KHz audible to human ears.

Power Bank Function

An Extra for Travellers

With the built-in 13600mAh high capacity battery, Z4 Air can work as a dedicated power bank to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

The built-in LG premium Li-ion battery cells features high energy densities up to 725Wh/L, add an extra 13600mAh of battery life to your smartphone or tablet. You can give your iPad 2 full charges or your iPhone 4 full charges.