Documentations for Z4 Air


Safety Notice

  1. Do not use the unit if it has been physically damaged or abused. Physical damage/abuse would be (but not limited to):
  2. The unit should only be repaired by appropriate service personnel.
  3. Do not let objects or liquids enter the projector. They may touch dangerous voltage points and short out parts that could result in fire or electric shock.
  4. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards. Please contact your local reseller or service centre before you send the unit for repair.
  5. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  6. Clean only with dry cloth.
  7. May explode if disposed of in fire.
  8. Do not drop, throw or try to bend your product.
  9. Relative Humidity is 5 – 35°C, 80% (Max.), non-condensing.
  10. Ensure that the ambient room temperature is within 5- 35°C.
  11. Disconnect the power cord if the product is not being used for a long period of time.
  12. Turn off the product before cleaning.
  13. Do not use the projector in areas susceptible to excessive dust and dirt.
  14. Do not use the projector near any appliance generating a strong magnetic field.
  15. Do not use the projector in direct sunlight.
  16. Do not install near heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves or any other apparatus such as amplifiers that emits heat.
  17. Do not use the projector near water or moisture. To reduce the risk of fire and/or electric shock, do not expose the projector to rain or moisture.
  18. Do not block any ventilation openings. To ensure reliable operation of the projector and to protect from overheating, it is recommended to install the projector in a location that does not block ventilation. As an example, do not place the projector on a crowded coffee table, sofa, bed, etc. Do not put the projector in an enclosure such as a book case or a cabinet that restricts air flow.
    • Unit has been dropped.
    • Charger or plug has been damaged.
    • Liquid has been spilled on to the projector.
    • Projector has been exposed to rain or moisture.
    • Something has fallen in the projector or something is loose inside.

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Eye Safety Warnings

  1. Avoid staring/facing directly into the projector beam at all times.
  2. Keep your back to the beam as much as possible.
  3. A stick or laser pointer is recommended to avoid the need for the user to enter the beam.
  4. When projector is used in a classroom, adequately supervise students when they are asked to point out something on the screen.
  5. In order to minimize power, use room blinds to reduce ambient light levels.

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Getting Started

Package Contents

In a standard SobieTech + Xgimi Z4 Air package, you will find:

  1. Z4 Air Projector
  2. Power Adapter (cable length: 1.7m)
  3. Universal Plug Adapter (UK/US/AU/Europe)
  4. HDMI Cable (cable length: 1m)
  5. Metal Bluetooth Remote Control
  6. Mini USB Charing Cable for Remote Control (cable length: 20cm)
  7. Quick Start Guide (English)

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Power On/Off

Power On

  1. Insert the plug of the AC adapter into a power outlet.
  2. Connect the DC power connector to the projector, the projector’s LED power status indicator turns red which means the battery is being charged.
  3. Slide the lens cover to the left to turn on the projector.

Z4 Air Illustration lens coverOr, you can turn on the projector by press the Power On/Off button on the remote control when the remote is paired with the projector (you only need to pair the remote control once) and the lens cover is in the open position.

Z4 Air Illustration remote onoffPower Off

Option 1:

Slide the lens cover to the right to turn off the projector.

Option 2: Power Off with the remote control:

By pressing the Power On/Off button on the remote control, you will be given the following options*: Shut Down/Restart/Shut Down LED/Regular Shut Down.

Choose your preferred action with the navigation keys and press the OK button to confirm your selection on the remote control.


*Shut Down Options Explained:

Shut Down: Turn off the projector immediately.

Restart: Restart the projector – when any of the projector’s applications failed to work properly, usually, a system restart can fix it.

Shut Down LED – you may want to shut down the projector’s LED lens to save power when you do not want the projector to project any image but to work in the background, like playing music, audio book etc..

When LED is turned off, you can press any key on the remote control to turn it back on.

Regular Shut Down – you can set a sleep timer for the projector to shut down automatically. The sleep timer can be set at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours. When the time is up, the projector will turn off automatically.

You can cancel the sleep timer at any time by pressing the Power On/Off key on the remote control to enter the Shut Down options menu to cancel the sleep timer.

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The Built-In Battery

Z4 Air projectors havs 13600mAh Li-ion battery built-in which allows the projector to work alone for up to 2.5 hours.

When the projector is connected to the mains, the built-in battery will be charged and the LED indicator will turn red.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will extinguish.

How to check battery status?

Press “Power Bank On/Off” button once, You will see:

  • Green LED indicator when battery power≥50%
  • Red LED indicator when battery power < 50%.
  • When battery power is 0%, LED light extinguishes;

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Use the projector as a Power Bank

Z4 Air can be used as an external power bank/external battery to charge your mobile phone/tablet etc. even when the projector is turned off.

Z4 Air Illustration powerbankTo turn on/off the power bank function when the projector is turned off, Keep press “Power Bank On/Off” button for 2 seconds to turn on the power bank function, repeat this process will turn off the power bank function.

  • When power bank function is on, the red LED indicator on the projector flashes continuously.
  • When power bank function is off or power is 0%, the red LED light extinguishes.

Note: You can use the projector as a power bank to charge other devices via USB, however, you can not charge the projector via USB in reverse. The projector CAN ONLY be charged with the supplied AC adapter.

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Adjust the Projected Image

Adjust Focus

Adjust the image focus of the projection on screen by moving the focus dial up and down until the image is clear.

Z4 Air Illustration focus

Screen Size Calculator



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Advance Image Settings

Advanced image settings menu can be accessed from System Setup>Projection Setup. In the advanced image settings menu, the following settings can be modified from the advanced image settings:

  • LED Luminance – to change the projector’s brightness, you can choose from 5 pre-set modes including High Light/Dynamic/Film/Power Saving/Energy-Saving or you can customise the LED brightness under the customise mode.
  • Gyroscope horizontal adjustment – Z4 air’s built-in gyro sensor can automatically adjust the image keystone when the projector is placed on a flat surface.
  • Projection mode setup – you can choose front/front and rear/lifting/lifting and rear projection modes to fit your projector’s installation position.
  • Auto keystone correction
  • Keystone correction – manually adjust the screen’s keystone
  • Stepless zooming – Zoom in/out the projected image size.


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General Settings

In General Settings, you can change:

  • Time Settings: You can let the projector to set system time automatically * when it is connected the internet. Or you can disable automatic setup and manually set the time.

*Tips: In order correct system time automatically, please go to System Setup>International Setting>Time Zone to choose the right time zone according to your location.

  • Key Stone
  • Bootsource: You can choose HDMI as the bootsouce so next time when you turn on the projector, it will automatically connect to the HDMI source other than starting up with the standard main user’s interface.
  • Desktop Version: You can switch between standard desktop version and business desktop version from the general setting menu.

Z4 Air has two desktop versions available, the standard desktop version and business desktop version. Standard desktop version is recommended for home entertainment while business desktop version is designed for business users. Under the business version of desktop, office files can be accessed quicker and WiFi hotspot will be turned on automatically (WiFi will be turn off in the same time so your colleagues/team members can join the projector’s own WiFi network to share files/images/videos).

  • Input Method: You can choose from English keyboard and Google Pinyin keyboard (Google Pinyin Keyboard is for Chines character input).
  • Theme Setup: You can change your desktop background from here.

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International Setting

In International Setting, you can change:

  • System Language: You can choose English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian as the system language.
  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone according to your location.

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Technical Specification

Display Technology 0.3” DMD Chip DLP® Technology by Texas Instruments with RGB 3 LED System
Projector Type Full 3D LED Projector
Brightness1 1000 LED Brightness*
Lens Type F=185mm Manual Lens
Lamp Type OSRAM LED Projector Lamp
Lamp Life2 >30,000 hours LED Life (hrs)
Uniformity 0.98
Color Gamut >=120%
Contrast Dynamic 5,000:1
Native Resolution 1280 x 720
Maximum Resolution 1080p/2K
Displayable Colours 1.07 Billion Colors (30-bit)
Throw Ratio 1.2:1 (76 inches@2m)
Supported Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9
Projection Screen Size 15” to 180” (1 m to 4.7 m)(measured diagonally)
Offset 1
Vertical Keystone Correction 40°
Projection Method Ceiling,Front,Rear,Tabletop
3D Capability DLP 3D, 2D/3D Conversion
3D Support 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting, 3D game consoles
Supported 3D Sources Frame Packing, top-bottom, SBS(side by side), Anaglyph (Red-blue / Cyan) 3D
3D Glasses Required DLP-Link Active 3D Glasses (1 pair supplied)
CPU Quad-Core 1.5GHz
GPU Mali-450MP2 Dual-Core
Memory 16GB eMMC flash storage
Operation System Android 4.4 KitKat Based
Features Access to Android apps from Aptoide Apps Store
Multi-Screen Mirroring AirPlay/Miracast/MHL Supported
WiFi Dual-band 5G WiFi  (802.11ac)
Input 1 x TF/Micro SD slot, 2 x USB (1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0) sockets, VGA input, HDMI 1.4 input, Ethernet, AV input,
Output SPDIF Output, AUX output
Speaker 4W Stereo (2x2W) Audio
Bluetooth Built-in BLE Bluetooth 4.0
Acoustic Noise <30dB
Power Consumption 30-45W (17-27W in Battery Mode)
AC Power Supply AC 100-240V, 1.2 A, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Battery 13600mAh Li-ion battery
Dimensions (W x H x D) 113.5 X 214 X 23.5 mm
Weight (kg) 0.65
Package Contents 1xProjector, 1x Power Adapter, 1 x Universal Plug Adapter, 1x HDMI Cable, 1 x Metal Bluetooth Remote Control; 1 X Quick Start Guide
Optional Accessories Tripod Mount Adapter, Flex Clamp Mount, Telescopic Ceiling Mount, Leather Sleeve, 3D Glasses
Warranty 12 Months
1Lamp based projectors brightness and lifetime will vary depending on selected projector mode, environmental conditions and usage. As is common with all lamp based projectors, brightness will decrease over the lamp lifetime. LED projectors do not have a replaceable lamp and the brightness does not decay significantly over the product lifetime.
2Typical lamp life achieved through testing. Will vary according to operational use and environmental conditions
*The quoted LED brightness rating is based on the perceived equivalent ANSI lumen brightness when compared to a standard lamp projector. The LED brightness rating takes into account the Helmholtz–Kohlrausch (HK) effect on the perceived brightness of colours..

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The Bluetooth Remote

Paring the Remote

Turn on the projector, place the remote within 10 cm (4 inches) of the projector. Press the Home + Back keys at the same time on your remote, the back-light indicator will blink in green for 3 seconds, release the keys until the indicator blinks in blue quickly.

Z4 Air Illustration Remote PairingIf pairing is successful, the blue indicator will blink for another 2 seconds and then extinguishes with a confirmation tone.

If pairing failed, wait for 30 seconds and try the pairing steps again.

Note: Charge the remote for 30 minutes before using it for the first time.

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Charge The Remote

When the remote’s indicator turns in red, please connect the remote to the USB port of the projector to charge the battery with the supplied USB charging cable.

Z4 Air Illustration Remote Charging

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Remote Functions

Gravity Sensor Function

Slide the ”fn” key to the right to turn on the gravity sensor. Hold the remote horizontally to use the remote as a game controller when playing motion sensor games. Slide the “fn” key to the left to turn off the gravity sensor.

When the gravity sensor is turned on, mouse function can not be used, and back-light indicator will remains in blue.

Air Mouse Function

Quickly shake the remote to turn on/off the air mouse function.

Menu Key Function

Short press the Menu key to access various functions and settings depending on which screen you are.

Long press (3 seconds) the Menu key to access the Display & Sound settings menu at any time.

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Remote’s Battery Status

When you see the remote’s back-light indicator quickly blinks for 4 times, the remote’s battery is low.

When remote’s back-light indicator quickly blinks 10 times, the battery is critically low and requires immediate charging.

During charging, the remote’s back-light indicator will flash continuously in red. When charging is completed, the indicator will flash in green continuously.

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Sleep Mode

The remote will enter sleep mode after experiencing 10 seconds of inactivity to save power. You can wake the remote by pressing any keys.

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Reset the Remote

If you are experiencing problems with the remote, please use a paper clip to press the pinhole reset button, after the back-light indicator blinks for 3 times, the reset is completed.

Z4 Air Illustration Remote ResettingNote: When the reset is done, please pair the remote control with the projector again.

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Getting Connected

External USB Storage

External USB storage devices like USB stick; external hard drives can be plug into the projector’s USB port. Go to File Manager, you can find a list of all the connected USB storage devices and browse the files stored on those devices.

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WiFi Connection

Z4 Air has the super-fast Broadcom Dual-band 5G WiFi (802.11ac) module built-in.

To connect to your local WiFi networks, go to System Setup>Network Setup>WiFi setup, you will see a list of the available WiFi network(s), select the one you want to join, input the network security password if applicable to get connected.

You can also disable WiFi from the same menu.


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WiFi Hotspot

Z4 Air can act as a WiFi Hotspot and access point. Go to System Setup>Network Setup>WiFi Hotspot to turn on the hotspot function.

Under the same menu, you can change your WiFi hotspot’s SSID and password when WiFi hotspot function is turned on.

When you are in a place where no other networks are available or the available networks’ connection speed is too slow, you may find it is hard to use your mobile phone/tablet as a projector remote control or use the AirPlay mirroring.

In this case, turn on WiFi hotspot on the projector and joint this hotspot from your phone/tablet so you can have a point to point connection between the projector and the projector which allows you to use your mobile phone/tablet as a projector remote control or use the AirPlay mirroring smoothly.

*Please note that turn on WiFi hotspot function will automatically turn off the projector’s WiFi connection. 


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Proxy Setup

You can set up proxy for internet connection under System Setup>Network Setup>Proxy Setup.


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Bluetooth Paring

Z4 Air has dual channel BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Bluetooth 4.0 module built-in. You can pair Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth speaker, mouse, keyboard etc. with the projector.
To pair your Bluetooth devices with the projector:

On your Bluetooth device:

Turn on Bluetooth and make your device visible to other devices nearby.

On the projector:

Go to System Setup>Bluetooth & external device>, choose Scan to discover device, the projector will now scan for any available external Bluetooth devices and you will see a list of available Bluetooth devices when the scan is completed, select the one you want to pair and proceed on the pairing.

*Z4 Air’s Bluetooth has two channels, one of the Bluetooth channel is always occupied by the remote control when the remote control is successfully paired with the projector.


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AirPlay Mirroring

Z4 Air fully support AirPlay Mirroring and it is pretty simple.

Go to System Setup>Network Setup to turn on AirPlay. (by default, AirPlay function is turned on.)

When the projector are connect the same network with your iOS phone/tablet/laptop:
Click the AirPlay icon in your phone/tablet/laptop, and then choose the projector’s device name. (by default, Z4 Air’s device name is ‘living room’, you can change the projector’s device name at System Setup>About>Device Name.)

To stop AirPlay Mirroring: Disconnect AirPlay Display from your iOS phone/tablet.

*If you are getting problem with AirPlay, please check if your projector is loaded with the latest firmware. You can check the firmware version of your projector by going to System Setup>About>System Information. The latest firmware version information and update instruction is available here.

Tips: If you are experiencing lagging during AirPlay Mirroring, it is because your network where the projector and iOS devices are connected to has a low transfer speed. In this case, please consider to change to a faster network or turn on the projector’s WiFi hotspot function and let your iOS device to join the projector’s WiFi hotspot to establish a point to point connection between them. A point to point connection will provide a smooth mirroring experience.


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Miracast from Android Device

Z4 Air fully supports Miracast screen mirroring.

You can mirror your android (Android 4.2 or above) device’s screen on the projector’s screen when the projector is connected to the same network with your Miracast compatible android device.

On the projector:

Go to System Setup>Network Setup>Miracast to start Miracast on the projector. You will see a Waiting for connecting screen which means the projector is waiting for signal from your Android device.

vlcsnap-2016-06-10-03h02m37s024On your Android device (Android 4.2 or above):

Go to Settings>Display>Cast/Wireless Display, turn the wireless display on your Android device, from the available cast screen list, choose the projector’s device name: MCast_xxxx (the last 4 digits of the device’s name are random) to get the screen mirrored.

To stop Miracast mirroring:

Disconnect Miracast from your Android phone/tablet and press Back key on the projector’s remote to return to the main setup menu or press Home key on the projector’s remote to go back to the home screen.

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Mirroring from Windows

With the help of Splashtop, mirroring your Windows’ screen on the projector’s screen is easy. Please follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app on the projector.

There are two methods to install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app on the projector.

Method 1: Install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app from Aptoid marketplace online.

To install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app, open Aptoide from the ”Welcome” screen > From Aptoid store front page, search for Splashtop, then following the on screen instruction to install it.

Method 2: Install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app by downloading the installation file (APK file) to an USB stick and install it locally.

  • Please download the Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop APK file from our website at: https://www.sobietech.com/download/splashtop2remotedesktop.apk.
  • Save the downloaded installation file (APK file) to a USB stick.
  • Insert the USB stick which contains the APK file to the projector.
  • From the projector, use the remote controller to navigate to File Manager>All, find your USB stick and locate the splashtop2remotedesktop.apk file, open the APK file by press the OK button on the remote controller.
  • Following the on screen instruction to complete the Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop apps installation.

Step 2: Install Splashtop Streamer on your Windows PC 

From your Windows PC, visit http://www.splashtop.com/downloads to download the Splashtop Personal app and install it. (Splashtop Personal app is free to download and use for personal purpose.)

You will be prompted to register a free Splashtop account, when the new account is registered, logging into the Splashtop 2 app on the projector and the Streamer application on your Windows’ PC.

Step 3: Start Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop from the Projector.

Start Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop from the Projector, you will be asked to log into your Splashtop account. After logged in, the Splashtop 2 app will scan for available PC in the same network to mirror the screen, you can then follow the on screen instructions on the projector to get your Windows’ screen projected.

*Both video and audio from your Windows’ PC shall be streamed to the projector in real time.

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3D Experience

Supported 3D Formats

Z4 Air supports all the commonly used 3D format including:

  • Frame Packing
  • Top-Bottom
  • SBS(side by side)
  • Anaglyph (Red-blue / Cyan) 3D

To view 3D contents on Z4 Air, a DLP-Link Active Stereographic 3D Shutter Glasses are required. They are available to order from our online store.

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Playing 3D Contents

Z4 Air can display 3D contents from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles.
When playing 3D contents, press the Menu key on the remote control to enter 3D Set Up Menu and choose the correct 3D type according the contents’ 3D format.

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2D/3D Conversion

Z4 Air supports 2D/3D conversation so you can convert any 2D movies into 3D, you can also convert any 3D movies into 2D.

When playing 2D contents, press the Menu key on the remote control to enter 3D Set Up Menu and choose 2D to 3D conversion to turn it into a 3D content.

When playing 3D contents, press the Menu key on the remote control to enter 3D Set Up Menu and choose 3D to 2D conversion to turn it into a 3D content.

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Apps Installation and Management

Install Apps from Aptoide

Z4 Air has pre-installed Aptoide for TV, one of the biggest Andorid app store for smart TV and projectors online and it is highly trusted by many other Android users.


To install Apps from Aptoide is easy, simply open Aptoide from the main screen.

From Aptoid store front, you can search, view and select the Apps to install. It is easy to install Apps by following the on screen instruction.

Aptoide Android Apps Store is a open platform, you do not need to register an account to download and most of the Apps on Aptoide are free to download.

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Manage Installed Applications

To manage your installed applications, go to App Manager from the home screen.

From App Manager, you will see a list of all the installed Apps. You can choose to:

  • Uninstall: Uninstall unwanted apps. Please note that pre-installed system apps can not be uninstalled.
  • Force to stop: Stop unresponsive application.
  • Clear data: Clear app data including user information, files and cache directories.

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Task Manger

To switch from all opened apps, press and hold the Home button on the remote control for 3 seconds, it will bring up the task manager where you can select any of the opened apps.


  • Press OK to go to the selected apps.
  • Press the Up/Down navigation key on the remote to shut down the selected apps.
  • Press Back key to exit Task Manger.

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Close All Opened Apps

When there are too many apps opened in the same time, the system may be overloaded and under-performed. When this happened, you can choose to close all opened apps and clear the system cache.

To do so, from the home screen, go to Clear Memory, it will close all the opened apps and clear the cache.

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About SLP Assistant

SLP Assistant is the dedicated mobile phone apps for SobieTech projectors. It is available for bother Android and iOS devices.

With SLP Assistant, you can turn your mobile phone/tablet into a projector remote and push the contents from your mobile phone/tablet to the projector’s screen.

Please note that SLP Assistant apps can only be used when your mobile phone/tablet and the projector are connected to the same WiFi network.

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Download SLP Assistant

To download the SLP Assistant app on your mobile phone/tablet, please open the Google Play store/Apple App store from your mobile phone/tablet and search for ‘SLP Assistant’, following the on screen instruction to install it. ‘SLP Assistant’ is free to download.

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SLP Assistant Main Screen

On SLP Assistant Main Screen is the Remote Controller interface. From here, you have the navigation keys, Volume +/- keys, Voice Input, Home key and Back Key.


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Advanced Control Interface

Tap on the Arrow icon at the top right corner on the Remote Controller screen, or just swipe to the left on the Remote Controller screen will bring up the Advanced Control Interface.


From the Advance Control Interface, you will find:

  • Soft keypad: you can use it for handy text input.
  • Virtual touch pad: you can use it in the same as using the touchpad on any laptop.
  • Miskey: it will bring up the Image function menu on the projector’s screen for image adjustment and configuration.
  • 3D Hot Key: No applicable for Z4 Air as the 3D function is now integrated with the image adjusment menu.
  • Mute key
  • Shutdown key: allows you to turn off the projector from your phone/tablet.

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Smart Control Interface

Tap on the Arrow icon at the top left corner on the Remote Controller screen, or just swipe to the right on the Remote Controller screen will bring up the Smart Control Interface.

slpassitantscreen-5From the Advance Control interface, you will find:

  • Device List: it shows you all the projectors in your WiFi network which are available to control from your phone/tablet.
  • Controller: Back to the main remote control function screen.
  • Multi-Screen: allows you to mirror the projector’s screen to your phone/tablet and operate the projector from your phone/tablet.
  • Apps: shows you a list of all installed applications on your projector and allows you to manage them.
  • Resource: shows you a list of media files and documents in your phone/tablet that can be played on the projector. You can select any of those files and push them to the projector’s screen.
  • Settings: allows you to set general SLP assistant apps options and share your feedback with us.

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Power Cycling

If a problem occurs that cannot be corrected with the instructions in this product documentation (see also the Common Problems and Solutions), follow the steps below.

  • Switch the device off using the remote control/close the lens cap.
  • Wait at least ten seconds.
  • Switch the device on using the remote control/open the lens cap.
  • If the problem repeats, please contact our product support or your retailer.

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Common Problems and Solutions

Problems Solutions
The projector cannot be switched on •Disconnect and Connect the power supply cable and try again.
The projector cannot be switched off •Disconnect the power supply cable.
No Sound •Adjust the volume using the / key on the remote control.
No sound from the external connected device •Check the cables to the external device
•Set the volume on the external device
•Only the original cables from the device manufacturer may function
No sound when you connect your computer via HDMI cable •Check that the sound is activated on the computer.
Video display problem when the source is a 3D signal from a DVD player. •Check that the 3D mode is activated on the projector.
Only the home screen appears and not the image from the external device •Check if the cables are connected to the right sockets.
•Please check that the external device is switched on
•Check if the video output of the external device is switched on.
•Check that the HDMI source selected on the user interface corresponds to HDMI connector where the external device is connected.
Only the home screen appears and not the image from the connected computer •Please check the computer’s projection/second screen setting.
The device turns itself off •When the device is running for a long period of time, the surface may become hot and a warning symbol appears on the projection. The device automatically turns off when it gets too hot. After the device has cooled down, you can continue playback.
•Check that the power cable is connected correctly.
•When the Timing Off mode is activated, the device turn off after the programmed duration.
Bad image or color quality when connecting with HDMI •Use the supplied HDMI cable. Third-party cables may cause signal distortions.
The remote is not working •Charge the remote according to chapter 3.2
•Pair the remote according to chapter 3.1
•Reset the Remote according to chapter 3.6


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