About SobieTech + Xgimi Partnership


In April, 2016, SobieTech has teamed up with Xgimi Technology, China’s largest smart projector manufacture, to lanuch the SobieTech + Xgimi projectors in the UK market.

SobieTech + Xgimi is a partnership between SobieTech and Xgimi with a shared passion for creating meaningful consumer product experiences through design and innovation.

Experience and know-how from both parties are shared on the co-branding products development. SobieTech + Xgimi projectors are developed based on the Xgimi’s current product line and are highly customised for the UK market.

What are the roles of SobieTech and Xgimi in our partnership?

In our partnership, Xgimi is responsible for product design and manufacturing with the suggestions given by SobieTech.

As an UK company, SobieTech is responsible for product quality control, local distribution management and customer support for the co-branding products.

How does our partnership benefit you as the customer?

As for customers, SobieTech + Xgimi partnership means:

Supreme product quality with first-class design

Xgimi is strong and really good at product design and manufacturing, that is how they can manage to be the largest smart projector manufacture in China, one of the most competitive consumer electronics market in the world.

Meanwhile, SobieTech runs extra product tests and quality checks on every co-branding projectors to make sure all SobieTech + Xgimi projectors are delivered to our customers in high standard as promised.

Highly customised products for the UK market – the right product in the right place

Different than the standard Xgimi projectors, SobieTech + Xgimi projectors are highly customised for the UK market. For example, the SobieTech + Xgimi Z4 Air projector is equipped with the new metal Bluetooth remote with air mouse function which is not available for standard version for Xgimi Z4 Air in any other markets.

All SobieTech projectors are loaded with customised firmware which is designed exclusively for this partnership with localised user’s interface for customers in the UK.

Local customer support in the UK at your side.

SobieTech is fully responsible for customer support in the UK for the co-branding products. As an UK company, SobieTech knows local customer better and respond to customer’s enquiry quicker. With the local customer support from SobieTech, customers will receive a swift, efficient and friendly support whenever they need it.

UK Distribution team for trade customers with local knowledge

SobieTech is in charge of distribution for the co-branding products. For trade customers, this means a simplified trade procedure and streamlined business model offered from an established UK company with local experience.

Got any questions? Please get in touch:

Email: customerservice@sobietech.com
Phone: 01382 250010